The future may be found in our past.

I’ve always wanted to create something new.

And yet we are sinking deeper and deeper into a society centered around unremitting consumption of the new.

What can be considered valuable in such a society? Something important has been abandoned in the rapid passing of time, to slip clean from our memories. Such as the ancient Japanese aesthetic sense, burnished by the passing of the ages.

Is there not beauty in the incidental stories of time, nature, and people beyond our control—the thirst of our souls quenched by them, as they exist in the margins?

Clothing, architecture, spatial design, food, tea…culture we have accumulated since the distant past, essential to the pursuits of humankind.

Resurrecting relics of the past in the present, is to excavate the archaeological artifacts of the future.

Ryurei Tea Room “SABI” Pavilion Master  Taiga Takahashi

Taiga Takahashi was born in 1995.

He attended London International High School for the Arts and then
Central Saint Martins.

She has worked as a
design assistant for maison brands in Antwerp and London.

After graduation, he started “Taiga Takahashi” in New York.

In December 2009, he opened “T.T.”,
an integrated art space that combines a boutique and a gallery,
and “Shikarubi Rabi”, a tea house by reservation, in Gion, Kyoto.